Rocky Road (Not the Ice Cream)

It has been a rough month.

First, my touchscreen computer died and I was without a computer for close to four weeks. I had to rely on my iPhone to keep track of my progress.

My diet, as the above title suggests, has been rocky at best. I have managed to lose 13 pounds this month, but it has been a struggle to keep it off.

I started my diet with the “Shred” Diet. In a nutshell, it is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is when you go for periods without eating a whole lot of calories. The maximum calorie count was 900. You are to drink 8 cups of water per day. Once I decided to embark on this, I downloaded the app “MyFitnessPal.”

I began the shred diet with the mint chocolate shakes. They were tasty yet they did not fill me. I lasted a whole 4 days. My biggest mistake was not researching what intermittent fasting can do to a person. While it’s a great way to lose weight, it’s not for a person who gets hungry fast (like me). I also experienced a lot of side effects from fasting. I got terrible migraine headaches.

Even though the shred diet was not for me, I am still losing weight on my own by simply using MyFitnessPal. It’s an amazing app and they have a website version to. I opted to do a 30 day premium trial, where it gives you some great content and recipes for premium members only.

Although it has been rocky, I don’t regret trying the Shred diet. I enjoyed the four days of shakes, but eating 900 calories per day was not for me. I have found that simply counting my calories has allowed me to lose two pounds per week. That I am thankful for.



One thought on “Rocky Road (Not the Ice Cream)

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  1. It’s a trial and error process at times. I have found counting calories and portion control works best for me. Looking a few pounds each week is the best way to do it in the long run and best way to keep it off. Keep up the great work T!!


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