Sherry: The first day of the rest of my life

Ive been on a roller coaster with my weight from high school til the day I hit the age of 51. Just to realize it gets harder & harder with age. Ive always been very healthy with no problems with diabetes, thyroid, ect… Its just my weight.

In 2011, I lost tons of weight by going to the gym & Healthy choices…After the death of my father in 2012, and alot more losses in my life (friends, family) either they passed away or left me…I went into a deep depression…I also have a bad back, and my back has gotten worse the older i get…not having any insurance, i decided to just go with medical marijuana and kill the pain that way (since i was highly addictive to pain meds in the past) so from being highly active, to doing nothing from being depressed, lazy, and emotionally disturbed since Ive had these losses…and smoking pot on the side (which does help pain) also gives me the munchies…i havent stepped on a scale since then either..til sometime this week ..(scary shit to say the least) Ill be stepping up and getting back on the journey of being healthy..maybe Ill be able to sleep a whole night without waking up in pain ect…And to help me this time, my sister will be joining me:) I worry about her alot cause of her health problems (we almost lost her 3 yrs ago) and now we can do this together..In the past, she didnt want nothing to do with dieting, we would argue about it, and i gave up…so happy now that she wants to do this with me…

Ill be starting the 7 day shred with her too…should be interesting..shes doing the shakes, and im doing the soups & pancakes.. 900 calorie a day diet for 7 days..this should be interesting lol

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story Sherry! I too, have struggled with weight. I go from losing to gaining, to losing and now on the gaining streak again. I love food and do not get much exercise. Because of my eating habits I do not have the energy to exercise. I admire you for putting yourself out here in a blog and for not giving up on yourself. I would have joined you and we could have been Two Sisters and a Friend! LOL

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