Tina: Managing the Munchies

When I decided to embark on this journey to healthiness, I forgot about one thing that can break me in my diet: The Munchies.

To all of you who do not smoke marijuana, this is simply known as “the munchies.” The munchies happen when you smoke a wonderful strain of marijuana. Your stomach starts getting hungry and you practically dive into food when given the opportunity.

Now, I know what some of you are probably saying right now: Tina, you smoke pot?!

Marijuana is legal in Maine, and I smoke it for both medical and recreational reasons. My provider has prescribed marijuana to me for my pain; and it has worked. Instead of downing a strong narcotic four times per day, I am using the marijuana for break-through pain, and sometimes, I do not even have to take a narcotic at all because the (medical) marijuana helps ease the pain to where it is tolerable. Recreational-wise, it helps with my creativity, but that’s a whole other blog.

So what do I do when I manage the munchies? I am looking into buying healthier snacks, as it is hard to have healthy snacks such as nuts when I do not have teeth. Apple slices with peanut butter might be a better option, as I’m trying to fill up on protein.

Yesterday was a rough day for the munchies, as I had not gotten paid yet and all the snacks in house were left-over from Christmas and New Years and not exactly healthy. However, I was paid this morning and need to hitch a ride to Walmart to get some healthy snacks.

It’s way too cold to walk right now.

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