The Struggle

I am really struggling. I don't mean to sound like a whiner or that I'm throwing myself a pity-party, but I feel like I need help. I have the support, but this whole "lifestyle change" thing is making me struggle. Anyone who tells you that you do not need money to become healthy is lying.... Continue Reading →

Off the (Food)Wagon

It's been quite a while since I have written anything, and for a good reason. I completely fell off the Healthy Eating wagon. However, I am viewing this as a learning experience. The diet I tried failed. The diet I tried was a "fad" diet I found, after consulting with several people who have lost... Continue Reading →

Tina: My Hard-Knock Life

2018 has been cruel to me. My computer completely died, so I haven't been able to update in a while. I went on the shred diet, and I did well for about 3 or 4 days. It's intermittent fasting and I was STARVING for 3 days before I finally caved. HOWEVER I am still watching... Continue Reading →


Sherry: So this is my 5th day of my shred, it hasn't been TO bad, yes I've had my hunger pains, but ive dealt with it..I've had quite the few headaches too, but its all about detoxing the body, and its part of the diet. You do it once a month...I've lost 4 lbs in... Continue Reading →

Tina: I’m An Emotional Eater

What a rough weekend. First, the pipes in our house froze. And then the thermostat died. Finally, the thermostat was fixed, which caused a chain reaction with the pipes, which immediately burst as soon as the thermostat was in operating order. So we have heat, but no running water. I classify myself as an emotional... Continue Reading →

Sherry: Ready, set…Go!

Well I got my 7 day shred in today, but Im waiting on Tinas to come in too...I cant wait til we can start this journey with eachother... This will be so good for our bodies..I was reading a girl lost 23 pounds in her first month of doing this diet..After we do the 7... Continue Reading →

Tina: The 7 Day Shred

So I took the first step and ordered the Acti-Labs "7 Day Shred" diet plan. It's really simple. You choose which shakes you like, use them as a meal replacement, and drink lots of water and eat healthy for 7 days. Should be easy, right? Not so fast. The thought of doing another diet is... Continue Reading →

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